All that is required to save a seat is a $100 deposit towards the tuition

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:Driver License Testing >
$20 - Knowledge Testing
$50 - Drive Skills Testing

APEX-Students receive $10 off on the Licensing Drive Skills test 

Comparative Shopping: 

When shopping for a driver education program, please be mindful when you see phrases like
Number One, Safest, Most Trusted, or any other opinion statements without supporting facts or evidence. 

These are key phrases that webpage marketing companies use when designing webpages for driving schools. 

How does any driving school really know they are the safest and most trusted?

Also, be mindful of great reviews. These are another part of webpage marketing strategies and are easy to obtain.  

Teaching driver education should not be about marketing strategies and unsupported claims. 

Driver Education should be about both the school and the parents doing their best to teach the students what is correct and safe.
Thanks for reading my little rant on this matter and drive safely. 

:Located in Mountlake-Terrace >
Serving the - Mountlake-Terrace, Brier, Shoreline, Lake-Forest-Park,
Lynnwood, Edmonds, Kenmore, and Bothell Communities.

:APEX: DRIVING-SCHOOL started in ~2006 and has been operating in Mountlake-Terrace since ~2008
Instructor has been teaching driver training for 16 years

I wanted to keep teen driver education as affordable as possible and yet stand out in the driver training community 
as one of the few traffic safety schools which teach with using the State Laws as the main resource for the class materials.

During the classroom phase of the course, the student will not just learn the actual traffic laws, but they will be seeing the laws used as visual aids.
This helps give the students confidence in knowing the exact language of the traffic laws in this state. 

:Just a few notes >

~1. I built this website my self using a very basic program, no flash.
~2. I did this to keep the cost down and maintain the ability to perform instant updates.
~3. For a little flair, I have incorporated an old style punctuation. 

Thanks for Your Consideration of Choosing :APEX: Driving-School

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